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We at Christian Games and Crafts wish you all a wonderful Easter as we celebrate our Lord’s triumph over death. 3 Great VBS Programs FREE for Subscribers! From your Sunday regulars to a host of new guests, Vacation Bible School is a great way to get children excited about God. Sep 12,  · Willimon's story made me realize that Karen and I do not belong to an edenic Club Marriage; instead, we are enrolled together into Christ's boot camp of the soul. How better to work off those rough sinful edges of our personalities than to make us accountable to the very ones we live with.

Aug 12,  · Since its inception 10 years ago, Christian Boot Camp (CBC) has become a place where young, troubled lives are transformed. Pastor Flowers calls it "rescuing a generation." When it first began, the camp was voluntary, many of the early graduates are instructing there today. Now however, most of the participants are ordered to attend by the court. Camp No Counselors is an escape for adults to enjoy all-inclusive premium summer camps across North America. At Camp No Counselors you will relive the old school days of work-free, stress-free living. It’s time to put away your phone, connect with good people. Play Like a Kid and Party Like a Grown-Up.

Boot camps for boys are based on hours of intense physical training to help boys learn how to respect their bodies and take care of themselves, while also providing an outlet for energy and emotions. Learn to respect authority: Troubled boys often push the boundaries and have a disrespectful attitude toward the authority figures in their lives. Whatever you need—physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually—CCCA members have it covered. Christian camps aren’t just for kids. Most CCCA Christian camp, conference and retreat members also cater to adults who need to get away—without kids anywhere in sight. God .