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Fig. 2 Circumcision with the Gomco Clamp. The Gomco clamp is commonly used to perform circumcisions. It consists of three parts: a metal plate with a hole at one end, a . Jan 03,  · Mogen Clamp Circumcision. His method is flawless and best for adult males. Reason for revision was the poor job the Navy did on my initial circumcision (to much skin left). Google his name for directions to his center in Atlanta. August 22, at pm # Reply. Paul.

Tribal Art ( Auktion) Zemanek-M체nster W체rzburg Samstag, M채rz The foreskin is carefully excised, and the clamp is removed and that’s it. The process takes about 5 minutes. We will show you how to care for your child’s penis. Usually, it is fully healed with little to no discomfort in about a week. For adults, we use a method called the sleeve method.

Doctors also use the Mogen and Gomco clamp in adult male circumcisions. A doctor can use several other devices as part of a shield and clamp method. Your doc will put a protective cap over the head Author: Lianna Bass. Feb 28,  · Gomco Circumcision Clamp. Photo: James Loewen. Introduced by Goldstein Manufacturing Company in the s, the Gomco Clamp is the most widely used circumcision instrument and, according to Elliot Grossman, M.D., "has done much to encourage neonatal circumcision.".