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the learners involved, and some fun and creative activities for the classroom. The Institution and Extension Program Toyo Gakuen University, located in Nagareyama, Chiba, offers an English language extension program. This program is open to adult learners who live in the vicinity of the campus. There are a variety of English language courses. Classroom games can be useful for any level of learning, even adult. Alex Case, a writer for the Using English website, presents 11 good reasons to use games in an adult classroom, ranging from creating more drilling practice as well as improving memory and simply to have fun.

Oct 07,  · Adults bring to your class or meeting room an abundance of life experience and wisdom. Tell stories to add significance and meaning to the rest of your time together. To start, think about your group to decide what type of category is most appropriate, then ask everyone to come up with a story to tell that fits that category. Feb 28,  · Is a party game appropriate in the classroom? Yes! Games for adults make great classroom energizers. Get your students on their feet and moving, and they'll return to your topic refreshed and engaged. of The .