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Clinical social work is a broad area of social work that encompasses all other areas of social work. The goal of social work is to help individuals in need improve the quality of their lives and their well-being. Problems that social workers might help people with may include financial, behavioral, health, and social issues. The Social Work Department of Massachusetts Eye and Ear is staffed by dedicated licensed clinical social workers. The need for specialized medical care can be stressful and may have an impact on many aspects of one’s life.

7. Social, Community, and Recreational Activities 8. Basic Life Necessities 9. Legal Concerns Other Environmental or Psychosocial Factors Client Strengths, Capacities, and Resources • Impressions, Assessment, and Recommendations 1. Clinical Summary, Impressions, and Assessment 2. Goals and Recommendations for Work with Client. Our clinical social workers play a major role in your care while you and your family are in this challenging situation. You’ll be glad to know that the Adult BMT program at University of Minnesota Medical Center has exceptional, experienced social workers who: work exclusively with BMT patients and their families.

Clinical social workers within the Outpatient Department of Psychiatry are vital members of the multi-disciplinary treatment teams. In collaboration, they provide services to those individuals. Licensed clinical social worker – Licensed clinical social workers (LCSW) perform many of the same functions as hospital social workers, but in a different setting, usually in private practice. In that regard, LCSWs are a lot like counselors, and provide therapy to individuals, couples, families, and groups on a wide-range of topics.