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Jul 13,  · Correcting an overbite gives a more uniform appearance to face and allows the individual feel more comfortable while smiling and eating. The treatment process for adults is not unlike that for a child and will need to be done over a period of time—months, and in some cases may take one or more years. Adult Braces. Children are not the only ones who may benefit from dental braces. Adults also can undergo orthodontic treatment to correct alignment, spacing, crowding and malocclusion problems. The process for moving teeth is basically the same at any age, but the treatment may take longer for adults.

May 10,  · In some cases, removing some teeth is an option for correcting overjet. This is more common in adult cases. Examples when this treatment approach would be considered are: The patient’s upper jaw isn’t large enough to accommodate all the adult teeth. Oct 06,  · Surgery: In extreme cases and when an overbite is skeletal, surgery may be required to reposition the jaw. This is more likely to occur in adult patients, as it is easier to shift children’s jaws because they are still developing. There are varying degrees of overbites and various treatments to fix them.

There are several treatment options to correct overbite without surgery in Los Angeles, even in adults. During your initial consultation at Southland Dental Care, your dentist will assess the severity of your overbite and develop a tailored treatment plan with your input. Jul 27,  · If you or your child has an overbite, you may be looking at options for correcting it. There are several different types of treatment which Author: Corey Whelan.