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Lessons with a Certified Adult Driving instructor. One-on-One instruction to help students become safe, confident, skilled drivers. Specific areas can be worked on. Prepare and review for the Road Test. $ ADULT PACKAGE-Includes 3 lessons plus use of NCS Driver’s Ed car for road test with Sponsor. In order to be sponsored with the Driver’s Ed car, students are required to participate in at least 3 hours of road training through the Nantucket Community School.

If you have a permit and nobody to practice with, and you're tired of being dependent upon others - you're not alone! Thousands like you are getting their licenses every year, and DDA is here to birast.xyzshed or Un-used Adult Programs, hours, or lessons are non-refundable andmay not be combined with other DDA Programs, Sales, Offers, and Promotions. A single drive lesson, a package of four drive lessons and courses for adults that includes classroom and behind the wheel drive lessons. Intro to Driving This is an interactive adult-oriented driver education course which includes 8 classroom hours, 6 hours of one-on-one in-car instruction, and a DMV approved driving .

A+ Driving School offers driving lessons specifically designed for the adult driver. We offer 2-hour lessons that cover all aspects of driving. These lessons can also be tailored to fit specific problem areas that you feel you need to work on. If you want to work on parking, or freeway driving, or even confusing one-way streets, we can. Adult 6 hour Driver Education Courses Online (English $56 & Spanish $ Adult Private Driving Lessons 2 Hours= $/ 4 Hours = $/ 6 Hours = $ Defensive Driving Courses 6 hour Online (English $34 & Spanish $ 6 hour Drug & Alcohol Driving Awareness Program Classroom $75 .