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They are very much larger than other pinnipeds, with southern elephant seal bulls typically reaching a length of 5 m (16 ft) and a weight of 3, kg (7, lb), and are much larger than the adult females (cows), with some exceptionally large males reaching up to 6 m (20 ft) in length and weighing 4, kg (9, lb); cows typically measure Class: Mammalia. The average weight of an adult elephant’s heart is kg ( lb) which beats times a minute. By comparison, humans have a resting heart rate of beats per minute. Unlike many other animals, the elephant’s heart rate speeds up slightly when they lie down.

How much do elephant seals weigh? Southern elephant seals are the largest seal species, followed by Northern seals. Males grow to huge sizes, and they can weigh 8, pounds (3, kg) or more. Females weigh about 2, pounds ( kg). They have the biggest weight difference between males and females of any animal species. Oct 28,  · The average weight of a female Savanna elephant is about tons (about 7, pounds), data ranging from to tons (about 6, to 8, pounds) (Macdonald , NatGeob, Stuart & Stuart ). Average weight of Baby (calf) Savanna Elephant The Savanna Elephant calf weighs on average about kg ( pounds).

Humans have been impressed by elephants for centuries, simply because they are so big—a male African elephant can weigh up to tons ( metric tons)! They also amaze us with their long and flexible noses, large and flapping ears, and loose, wrinkly skin. A typical elephant tail can weigh 10 kilograms. An adult elephant eats about 75 to kg of food each day, which is about size of an ordinary human. A newborn elephant is about 1 m high and weighs about kg. By the time the calf reaches the age of 10 they already weigh the same as an average car, about to kg.