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$ per adult. More info. Quick View. Explore Sakata: Maiko Traditional Dance at a traditional Tea House *C course Sakata and Tsuruoka area are known for its vast natural scenery and stunning panoramic views of the mountains and the sea. There is an entrance fee and a host dressed in full Geisha attire will give you a brief / TripAdvisor reviews. Nov 09,  · Karen Sakata at the entrance of Bush Garden. Image by Nathan Bombardier. When it comes to Karaoke in Seattle, there’s no establishment with a larger cultural footprint than Bush Garden. “This was a place that everybody came to,” says Karen Sakata, owner of Bush Garden Restaurant and Bar. “It was a touchstone for the Japanese community.

Abstract Kawasaki disease is the most common childhood vasculitis in the USA and the most common cause of acquired cardiac disease in children in developed countries. Since the vast majority of Kawasaki disease initially presents at adult cardiologists are unfamiliar with the pathophysiology of this disease. The large building at the temple’s entrance, Konpon Chūdо̄ (根本中堂), is classified as a National Treasure of Japan. Admission fee: ¥1,/adult. The gate itself is a cultural heritage of Sakata City (酒田市) in Yamagata Prefecture.