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Sep 25,  · Start with white face paint all over the face, and then use a dark shade of gel shadow or face paint to create circles around the eyes. Use black face paint to shade in the nose, and then to draw Author: Nadine Jolie Courtney. Unlike tattoos, face painting is a totally temporary way of experimenting with color and design, as well as a fantastic way of expressing whatever you may be feeling in the moment. Regardless of your age or lifestyle, you can have fun playing around with painting your face as long as you’re willing to think outside of the box.

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Oct 31,  · Halloween Face-Paint Ideas 13 Terrifyingly Cool Face-Paint Looks to Steal the Show on Halloween. October 31, by Marina Liao. K Shares View On One Page ADVERTISEMENT () Start Slideshow. Face Painting Ideas for Kids Skeleton 1 2 3 Using a sponge or large brush, cover the face with white paint. Ensure that the eyes are closed. Tip: Make sure the sponge is damp in order to spread the product more easily. Fill in the hollows of the cheeks with black paint and then, with a fine brush, draw a crack down the center of the forehead.