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A Different Light by dreamweaver Rated: NC • Reviews Summary: During the fight over the Gem of Amara, Buffy and Spike get pulled into another dimension. Winner of Best Saga at the Spuffy Awards, Best Buffy Characterization at the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards, and Judges' Choice Winner at the Rogue Poet Awards! Feb 04,  · Rating: NC - Genres: Erotica - Characters: Ginny,Hermione,Luna,Parvati - Warnings: [X] - Chapters: 10 - Published: - Updated: - words Blocked Elune's Pebble.

(NC) Buffy reflects on her relationship with Spike as he makes love to her. The Taste of BuffySeptember 7, (NC) Spike can't get the memory of Buffy and her "taste" out of his head, so he pays her an impromptu visit. Walking After Midnight (NC)Buffy is injured while fighting a demon and finds herself paralyzed and in a wheel chair. Include? Include Ratings. General Audiences () Teen And Up Audiences () Explicit () Mature () Not Rated () Include Warnings. No Archive Warnings Apply ().

(NC, Non-con) (~3, words) Pairings: Harry/Lucius Summary: Even a brief stay in Azkaban for Harry will be disastrous. Author's Comment: Written as a thank-you for Gina for the Merry Smutmas community. The plot bunny is to be blamed on Nimori. Tower Princess, Ravished (NC, PWP) (~4, words) Pairings: Harry/Sirius. Peter Greenaway's insane post-apocalyptic film was either NC or unrated in the United States, I'm not sure which. It does feature a man being more or .