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The high attrition rates of adult learners at a 2-year, southeastern community college are a continuing concern among college administrators. These high rates have resulted in an increased number of nontraditional adult learners failing to persist and complete a program of study. Poor persistence and noncompletion of a degree create budgetary loss. barriers to persistence among adult learners in rural areas, or the motivations experienced by students and instructors. The purpose of this qualitative case study was to identify perceived barriers to retention at a rural adult learning center in Georgia and to provide suggestions to improve adult education and literacy initiatives.

Jan 30,  · It is especially important to recognize the unique needs of adult learners, who often face significant barriers to returning to school. Many are first-generation and lower-income learners who have historically lacked the support systems to succeed in a traditional higher ed setting. Oct 29,  · Adult Learners in Higher Education: Barriers to Success and Strategies to Improve Results. Full Report right. At a Glance. This report synthesizes the research literature on the challenges facing adult learners in higher education today and on emerging strategies for increasing the number of adults over 24 who earn college credentials and.

This study utilized phenomenology to examine the perceived barriers of adult learners in an accelerated undergraduate degree program in the mid- South. Analysis of data collected from adult learners identified three types of barriers: (a). intrapersonal, (b). career and job-related barriers, and (c). academic-related. Barriers to Adult Learning: A Literature Review Most Canadian adults believe they have quite sufficient learning skills to engage in further education courses if they wanted to do so, but many of those who would like to participate in further education face serious institutional or personal constraints on doing Size: KB.