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Jan 05,  · Shih Tzu Dog Breed Origin. Shih-Tzu is one of the oldest dog breeds that exist until today. Although there have been debates on when this breed came, experts pointed out to be 8, BC when Shih Tzu was first recorded. TEDS STORY. Hello Ted here! Well this is me the day I was picked up by Northumberland Dog Welfare in a Morpeth Park, I had been living on the streets scavenging for food for a long time, I was very poorly with sore cracked bleeding skin and not much fur, my tummy was swollen, even my beautiful Shih Tzu tail had gone and I was left with a tail like a rodent and my chin was so very sore.

Jan 18,  · Shih Tzu’s are small dogs that are well-known for their long, gorgeous coats. Pet parents have their hands full with maintaining the appearance of Shih Tzus, since their coats require daily grooming. These pups are very loving, super playful, and very social. If you have an adorable Shih Tzu puppy, avoid adult and senior life stage foods. 4 shih Tzu MALE puppies,these puppies have been reared in the home with love and attention,they are confident outgoing puppies,they will be wormed,fully Report. 21 hours ago. Shih tzu wanted. Southport, Sefton. Check Price.

Teddy - Male Shih Tzu. Dogs Trust - Darlington; Age: 2 to 5 Years; £ adoption fee. Teddy is a 2 year old shih tzu who has a lot of character and can be a cheeky chappie. He is a vocal lad, he is a dog that does bark a lot and can be uncomfortable with handling. He will require all t. Jan 30,  · Shih Tzu dogs require a unique diet to account for their gorgeous, double coats and to counter known common health issues. They have been known to have sensitive tummies at times and even, be a little fussy when it comes to their food. Perhaps their .