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adult social network oasis - Russian social network Vkontakte 520261889 - Vid 03

Every year, over 5, older adults are engaged with Oasis one way or another. Oasis members are actively learning something new, stimulating their minds, working their limbs, making fast friends and having fun! Department of Adult Education, School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, for his support and goodwill and for his sincere efforts to formally introduce State Resource Centre, Kerala, as a pioneer institute in the country, providing .

The Oasis Center is a place where you can be yourself. Where you can go after your interests and become the person who you want to be in a caring, positive place. We have over a dozen programs to choose from—and you don’t have to pick just one. Oasis House members are adult men and women who are working within the clubhouse to guide their recovery from the serious mental illnesses they live with everyday. The clubhouse offers people a support network to help cope with mental illness in everyday life. Membership to the clubhouse does not have dues. Clubhouse Philosophy.

Adult Education Programs Oasis changes lives by providing multiple educational opportunities to women looking to rise out of poverty. Childcare is provided to ensure mothers can make a commitment to their education. As of 9/1/, our childcare is suspended due to the pandemic. SSA's in-house magazine, OASIS, has been published since January Before OASIS, there was an in-house newsletter called the OASIS News, which was the forerunner of the full-fledged magazine. The OASIS News published its first issue on March 25,