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Another one of my favorite surprise birthday party ideas for adults, throw a bash that celebrates the year of your recipient’s birth! For example, I was born in (or, as my son calls it, when dinosaurs still roamed the earth). A quick Bing search of “” brings up plenty of results for inspiration! Jaws came out that year, so we. May 12,  · In terms of easy and fun virtual game nights, the Jackbox Party Pack is a crowd-pleaser, but for more ideas, check out this list of games you can play via video chat. 4. Fake a restaurant outing.

Sep 25,  · Throw a surprise party for your friends. This is some next level hostessing, but here’s the crux: You invite friends, one at a time, to what they think is a boring-ish event (say, dinner to talk through the PTA proposal). Then, when they get there Surprise! It’s your blowout 40th birthday party!Author: Dara Katz. Apr 22,  · Next month I am planning to throw my husband a surprise birthday party. This will be my first real "adult" party I have ever planned. Adult meaning I have thrown kids birthday parties but thats all. Im looking for ideas on how to plan it, food ideas, drink ideas, how to keep him away ideas. How do I plan for people to RSVP without him knowing?

Surprise Birthday Party Ideas: It is always fun to prepare a surprise party for a friend, boyfriend, or family show you the best tips and the best birthday ideas to get it right.. Special dates should be celebrated as they deserve, surrounded by the best company, friends, and loved ones. Our ideas for adult birthday party have covered everything from alcohol portion control, party themes, throwing the perfect surprise party, planning out a tubular 80’s themed birthday, and a few ideas on general decorations. Hopefully, these few outdoor adult birthday party ideas can help you out.