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Jan 11,  · There are a number of different causes of watery stool. Most cause acute changes in the consistency of stool. However, some can lead to chronic disturbances in bowel habit as well as the consistency and shape of the stool. It is technically referred to as diarrhea if the total daily output of stool exceeds mL/g and bowel movement is more. Apr 16,  · The term “green diarrhea” clearly indicates an atypical stool color. In this condition, the loose watery stools being passed are characterized by green or dark green color. Green diarrhea is also typified by stools being passed in the form of greenish fluids and semi-solids. But, why is .

Mar 25,  · Watery stools, or diarrhea, can be a symptom of many different medical problems. The severity of diarrhea can range from being a simple, upset stomach to a major medical emergency. However, in most cases if a dog has watery diarrhea (i.e. there is mostly water and just a small amount of fecal material in the stool) it should be considered a. Mar 01,  · As a rough guide, drink at least mls after each bout of diarrhoea (after each watery stool (faeces)). This extra fluid is in addition to what you would normally drink. For example, an adult will normally drink about two litres a day but more in hot Dr Colin Tidy.

"since having been having loose stools (not completely watery) approx. 4/5 times per day. since mid april it reduced to once per day and over the past 3 days its been completely watery, just once a day - no blood noticed?" Answered by Dr. Claudine nandi Lee:?IBS: Irritable bowel brought on by all this current stress??Hard to s. "i'm having some watery stool with pinkous blood took 2laxatives last night do to constipation?" Answered by Dr. Nayana Trivedi: Response to laxative: Watery stool .