Listen to the wet noises this BBW makes - adult women farting noises


adult women farting noises - Listen to the wet noises this BBW makes

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There isn’t a ton of scientific research on the ~prevalence~ of queefing, but a study of to year-old Iranian women found that 20% had experienced “vaginal flatus,” with 54% of. Vaginal fluids are normal, and are part of keeping the vagina healthy. Many things can affect the amount and consistency of the fluid. Learn more about vaginal wetness here.

The main causes for increased vaginal noises are a weak or tight pelvic floor, prolapse, and retroverted uterus in combination with a weak pelvic floor. Since the pelvic floor reacts to our hormones, some women experience more queefing during ovulation or menstruation. Women fart and these female celebrities aren’t shy about passing gas, love funny fart jokes, and overall just embrace their flatulence! Check out this list of over famous female farters including some of your favorite actresses, singers, and reality stars.