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non allergenic condoms - Non dirlo alla mamma (Do not tell mom)

The ORIGAMI Female Condom (OFC) is fabricated in molded silicone for anatomical conformity. It was validated as % biocompatible and non-allergenic in independent pre-clinical lab testing. The condom is not yet approved for sale and must be reviewed by the WHO, the C-Mark (EU), and the FDA to meet regulatory safety requirements. These latex condoms are then loaded into a foil package and a special lubricant that keeps the condom fresh and pliable, is added (no lubricant is added to non-lubricated condoms). Non Latex Condoms (Latex Free) In the s a few manufacturers began making non-latex male condoms for people with latex allergies who choose to use condoms. There.

Jan 16,  · The best thing about a condom is that, besides the fact that you won’t get any STD or unwanted pregnancy, is that you both enjoy sexual activities. This condom is considered one of the best condoms for woman’s pleasure, and the lubrication is water-based with Aloe. The length of the condom is inches, and there is 4 inches circumference. 4. Jan 02,  · Here are three types of non-latex condoms that protect against STIs — and one that absolutely doesn’t. 1. Polyurethane Condoms but can’t because of an allergy. Some polyisoprene condom.

Thankfully there are non-latex and non-polyurethane options, along with some recent modern technological advances in the condom arena that may be your saving grace for an allergy-free tango. One option to suit your sensitive style is to use condoms made from animal membranes, commonly called lambskin condoms. Jan 08,  · For men that need a larger size option, comfort is often a problem. But with these B Condoms, the extra-large option might just be what you're looking for. None of the ingredients are made from toxic substances or GMO products. As a result, you minimize any irritation or allergic reaction.