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Your resume is the first time an employer gets to "meet" you. Unfortunately, many hiring managers will throw away two kinds of resumes without even looking at them: the unnecessarily plain, and the unnecessarily decorated. Should you lie on your resume? 4 things you can and cannot lie about on your resume.

The job market can be a pretty brutal place. Research commissioned by Glassdoor found that people apply for every corporate job, and only 5 of those people manage to land an interview. So, nailing your cover letter and résumé are an absolute essential if you want to be one of the lucky two percent who manage to make it past the first hurdle. The “key skills” section allows you to make your skill set clear and obvious, which is better than depending on recruiters and hiring managers to infer your skills from the accomplishments listed under each role. The “key skills” section also makes it easier to tailor your resume for each role. Consider maintaining a master list of

Once you show your hand, it's hard to go back. If the company believes you aren't loyal, they may fire you. What started as your decision to leave may become theirs quickly. 5. Always be prepared for anything. Whether you plan to stay at your current job, or quit tomorrow, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to create an emergency. "This Be The Verse" is a lyric poem in three verses of long measure with an alternating rhyme scheme, by the English poet Philip Larkin (–). It was written around April , first published in the August issue of New Humanist, and appeared in the collection High Windows.. It is one of Larkin's best-known poems; the opening lines ("They fuck you up, your mum and dad") are.