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protocell and breast cancer - Sexy Belly and Breast Play

Apr 04,  · Cancell, Cantron, and Protocel is a liquid mixture or capsule formulation that is promoted as a cancer treatment. Cancell and similar products have been produced since the ’s. Its been . Protocel® History and Description - Outsmart Your Cancer.

Well, abnornal results came back again, but I didn't take the Protocel and the resluts showed 2 spots on my cervix. A biopsy was done to show a mild level of displasia. I realize this is not cancer, but a potential 'red flag' to cancer. Protocel listen (PROH-toh-sel) A liquid that has been promoted as a treatment for a wide range of diseases, including cancer. The ingredients thought to be in Protocel have been tested, and none of .

Oct 25,  · Protocel Cures Pharmacist’s Breast Cancer As a senior pharmacist who had dispensed medications to countless people over more than 30 years, Julia was emotionally broadsided when she . Cancell is also called Sheridan’s Formula, Jim’s Juice, JS–, JS–, –F, and "Cancell-like" products (Cantron and Protocel). It is a liquid that was promoted as a treatment for cancer and other diseases. Cancell .