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Dec 27,  · Later evidence of the effects of Xanax on breastfeeding babies was gathered from current cases, not through studies and tests. In one case found in a letter by scientists Anderson and McGuire, an infant 1 week old showed signs of withdrawal from the drug (irritability, restlessness, anxiety) after he stopped breastfeeding. Zoloft appears to be a safe anxiety medication while breastfeeding. Paxil may also be safe, and Prozac would probably be the last choice among SSRIs for use during breastfeeding. Even with Prozac, known risks and adverse effects are minimal, and only include instances of colic in infants.

Jul 09,  · An Overview of Xanax and Breastfeeding. Xanax® (alprazolam) passes through breast milk and may potentially cause serious problems in a breastfed infant. If you are breastfeeding (or plan to start breastfeeding), it is important that you talk with your healthcare provider about taking Xanax. Aug 14,  · Xanax and pregnancy do not mix; namely, pregnant individuals should not take this medication. Doing so puts the baby at risk for withdrawal after birth. Xanax and Breastfeeding. Xanax (alprazolam) is present in breastmilk, so people who are nursing should avoid taking it. FAQ Can I take my anxiety medication while pregnant?

Dec 23,  · Alprazolam Levels and Effects while Breastfeeding Summary of Use during Lactation Because of reports of effects in infants, including sedation, alprazolam is probably not the best benzodiazepine for repeated use during nursing, especially with a neonate or premature infant. A shorter-acting benzodiazepine without active metabolites is preferred. any moms take xanax while breastfeeding? user banned. Jan 30th ' My doctor just put me on mil of generic xanax for my severe anxiety, and they know im breastfeeding, im wondering if anyone else takes it? and if you know if it has given your tot any side effects? my daughter is one.