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However, most young women with breast cancer don’t have an altered gene. Read our guide on breast cancer, genes and family history for more information. 5. Support for younger women with breast cancer. Being diagnosed with breast cancer as a younger woman may mean that you don’t meet anyone in the same situation as you. Breast cancer in women age 40 or younger isn’t common -- about 6% to 7% of all breast cancers in the United States are diagnosed in women in this age group. Still, breast cancer diagnosed in younger women is likely to be more aggressive or metastatic at diagnosis, and women in this age group have worse survival compared to older women.

Breast cancer (BC) in young women is rare, affecting only % of women under the age of Regardless, BC remains the most common malignancy among younger patients. Recently, a significant increase in BC rates has been observed among pre-menopausal by: Sep 28,  · If you’re under age 40, which is when it’s recommended that women begin having screening mammograms, you may think you are too young to get breast cancer —but that’s not true. While breast cancer in younger women is rare, .

Breast cancer affects young women in many ways - from diagnosis and treatment to fertility and concerns for children, family and friends. Breast cancer is less common in younger women (under the age of 45) than in older women, so being diagnosed at this age can be very isolating. Mar 23,  · With the prevalence of breast cancer on the rise and the younger age of women diagnosed, it is important to continue to get yearly mammograms starting at age 40, or prior to age 40 if you are at high-risk. Dr. DiPasquale also urges to continue self-exams since you know your breasts the best and can detect if here are any areas of concern.