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The clitoris also has a lot in common with the penis. "It has the prepuce, the glans, and the frenulum, Your vagina is self-cleaning. This clit don't hide, and that's no big deal since the size and visibility of the clitoris varies as widely as the vulva's other parts, experts say. clean piercers, there’s absolutely no.

Clean your genitals daily, and avoid using harsh soaps or products in the area. In females, that includes avoiding douches, or vaginal rinses, which can . Learn where the clitoris is and that there's more to it than just the "doorbell." View this photo on Instagram "Go to Google and type this in: VAGINA. Now, take a .

When showering or bathing, wash your vulva with warm water and mild or unscented soap. Make sure the water isn’t too hot and remember to rinse off all the soap. Separate your labia and let the warm soapy water clean all around the clitoral hood and between your labia. This will rinse off any secretions that get stuck in between skin folds. If you use sex toys, clean them after every use. Get vaccinated. Vaccinations can protect you from HPV, the virus associated with cervical cancer, as well as hepatitis B — a serious liver infection that can spread through sexual contact. Do Kegel exercises.